Throughout my time of creating content on social media, I have continuously glorified the high salaries & the work/life balance that comes with the tech industry, not to mention job security. I feel as if the tech industry has something to offer everyone, but people sometimes are scared off due to some of the myths they may hear. So, I’m here to clear those myths for you.

​MYTH #1

You have to be a math genius to get into the tech industry. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, I didn’t take a single math class during my time in college and I haven’t dealt with one situation that required me to utilize math. If you know the solution to 2+2, more than likely you’ll do just fine.

​MYTH #2

You need to have a computer science or engineering degree to enter the tech industry. You actually don’t need a degree at all. The great thing about the tech industry is that since it’s constantly evolving the demand for skilled workers are going to always be in high demand. Because of this high demand, this allows us to take technical training which usually lasts 3-6 months to immediately learn skills that will help you succeed in this industry. With the constant evolution of technology by the time schools have received updated textbooks and curriculums the industry has changed and that information isn’t as relevant anymore.

​MYTH #3

You have to know how to code to get into the tech industry. This is also a myth. In certain sectors of the tech industry it is beneficial to know at least the fundamentals of coding. It could even make you a more valuable candidate, but it isn’t required to know any coding at all. Throughout my 5 years in the industry, there hasn’t been a job I worked that has required me to know how to code.

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